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Importance of Utilizing the Kinetic Chain During the Polo Swing
The kinetic chain is how the body is depicted as a series of links or segments connected interdependently and each segment is dependent upon an adjacent segment. For example, what occurs in the lower leg in uences what occurs at the lumbopelvic-hip complex (LPHC) and the stability of the LPHC in uences what occurs at the shoulder. When thinking of the body as a kinetic chain, it can be split into three parts of the lower extremity, LPHC, and upper extremity.
Performing any type of upper extremity dynamic activity, such as the polo swing, one should generate the greatest power from the lower extremity. It is important to utilize the kinetic chain when executing the polo swing. In an attempt to maximize the body as a kinetic chain during the polo swing, one must generate power from the lower leg and then to the upper leg and on to the LPHC. The LPHC must exhibit stability to transfer the energy up the trunk and on to the shoulder, elbow and wrist for a powerful swing.
Program Goals and Overview
• To strengthen and activate muscles used in riding and hitting.
• Implement Pre-Riding Warmup Exercises to achieve proper muscle activation.
• Average warmup length: 10 minutes
Bene ts:
• Decreases fatigue
• Decreases recovery time
• More powerful and accurate shots
• Increased pelvic stability
• Proper utilization of the kinetic chain

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